Annie and the Hedonists

acoustic blues, vintage jazz, & roots Americana


Oh man, will they take you there and then some, on a rollicking romp through the vault of vintage American Blues, Swing, Jazz, Dixeland, Bebop and more, you will dance, sing, hum, sway, smile, clap your hands and want more. Annie & the Hedonists are a top notch festival band!

- Anne Saunders, Artistic Director, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Hillsdale, NY. September 27, 2019.

If you want energy, joy, a wealth of talent, a way to be in touch with almost every part of American music…and the spirit of love and generosity to go with that…then Annie & the Hedonists are most definitely who you want for your festival!

- Val Fowler, President, Golden Link Folk Singing Society, Rochester, NY. September 9, 2019.

Annie and the Hedonists can be found all over upstate New York and New England sharing their brand of upbeat American music at civic concerts and in schools. They are consummate performers who enjoy teaching as they entertain. They play early jazz and blues with a focus on the female performers of the era that… (Read more…)

- Joe Bebco, Associate Editor of The Syncopated Times and Webmaster of, May 21, 2019. Reviewing: Bring it on Home

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A rollicking piano, nicely harnessed by a sturdy rhythm section, channels alongside the vocal sass of Annie Rosen and launches into Tommy Johnson’s 1928 “Big Road Blues,” introducing the sixth album by Capital/Saratoga region favorites Annie and the Hedonists. Produced by Grammy award winner, Joel Moss and recorded at the legendary Dreamland… (Read more…)

- Tom Dimopoulis, Entertainment, Saratoga Today, Saratoga Springs, NY. May 24, 2019. Reviewing: Bring it on Home

We at SPAC love working with Annie & The Hedonists. They are incredibly professional – and a pleasure to work with. Musically, they are superb – and their performances are delightfully entertaining. They never fail to bring out a large and enthusiastic following of dancers and music-lovers.

- Elizabeth Sobol, President & CEO. December 13, 2018.

“WOW, What a show! Annie and the Hedonists had our largest crowd of the season screaming for more. She absolutely blew the crowd away with her rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. As Annie related this was “the song I always sang in the shower when I was a teenager”. Annie’s voice, the incredible musicianship of the Hedonists and a clear passion for their music made for a fabulous show!”

- Cooperstown Concert Series 2017. February 4, 2017.

“Annie and the Hedonists really lived up to their name. Annie’s voice and her every move brought the audience so much genuine pleasure!”

- Jay Sprout, President, January 1, 2017.

“Annie & The Hedonists had our village green groovin’ on a warm summer night. The band truly connected to a crowd of all ages, through their good-spirited brand of vintage jazz & Americana. True talent – and what a voice!”

- Dave Ziemba, Artistic Director of the Clifton-Fine Concert Series, Wanakena, NY. July 15, 2017.

“Seventeen tracks of music that will make you feel varied moods from joy to melancholy and back again, and it sounds good doing it.”

- Jeff Nania, Nippertown, Albany, NY. November 24, 2015. Reviewing: Tonal Indulgence

“Tonal Indulgence is Annie & the Hedonists’ best record yet.”

- Glenn Weiser, Nippertown, Albany, NY. November 17, 2015. Reviewing: Tonal Indulgence

The Best of 2015, Tonal Indulgence, WEXT’s Local 518 Show

- Andy Gregory, WEXT Local 518 Show. December 2015. Reviewing: Tonal Indulgence

“This new album sounds like something from an earlier decade that all the serious music nuts know about. Some of these old blues and jazz songs deal with sad stuff, but Annie gives it to you so smooth and easy that you end up happy anyway.”

- Sarah Craig, Director, Caffè Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY. October 18, 2015. Reviewing: Tonal Indulgence

“Annie is a captivating singer. She delivers a lyric like it was a cherished bedtime story; as comfortable as your favorite sweater; as truthful as…well, I can’t think of anything that honest. Her band mates, Peter Davis, (guitar, banjo, clarinet, piano, vocal), Jonny Rosen, (guitar, vocal) and Don Young, (bass, guitar, vocal), are first and… (Read more…)

- Joel Moss, Producer, Managra Music, Saratoga Springs, NY. October 18, 2015. Reviewing: Tonal Indulgence

Annie and the Hedonists brought the crowd to their feet and the energy soaring as they closed out the Tang Museum’s 15th season of the UpBeat on the Roof concert series. With Annie’s powerful vocals and the band’s tight rhythms and versatile musicianship, the group delivered lively, infectious songs that had audiences still beaming as… (Read more…)

- Megan Hyde, Museum Educator for College and Public Programs, Tang Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. August 28, 2015.

Annie and the Hedonists’ show “Interpreting Songs of Female Blues Artists of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s” was brilliant!  The music was lively, happy and just thrilling as expressed by young and old alike. Each song was arranged with such care – featuring Annie’s ever soulful and heartfelt vocals mixed with just the right amount… (Read more…)

- Michele Derwin, Friends of the Wells Library. January 26, 2014.

Annie and the Hedonist’s show Women Sing The Blues was historically important and also a blast.  A lot of those classic blues songs will make you laugh, some will make you want to cry. The library audience gave a standing ovation for the musicianship, for the song selection and for Annie’s brilliant singing. Annie is… (Read more…)

- Dan Hubbs, Program Coordinator, Saratoga Springs Public Library. January 23, 2014.

Once again, Annie the Hedonists transport us back to an age when heartache, boozing, and all sorts of romantic mayhem seems like one big stylish adventure. On their new album, Women Be Wise, Annie struts right to the heart of each sassy, nostalgic song and gives us a piece of her mind in a voice that sits comfortably alongside the greats of the American jazz tradition. Her band of Hedonists may have a taste for the high life, but they certainly haven’t shunned hard work when it comes to studying their chops. The album is packed with flawless, seemingly effortless playing and singing.  And the savvy arrangements are simply the cat’s pajamas.

- Sarah Craig, Manager, Caffe Lena Reviewing: Women Be Wise

Annie and the Hedonists are great fun.  Everybody had a grin all night long.  They’d slip seamlessly from old jazz to gospel, to country, to even a couple of Dylan songs.  They know how to connect all this music, and do it so it’s pure magic.

- Phil Shapiro, Host, WVBR, Bound for Glory, Ithaca NY, Host, Ithaca, NY. October 6, 2013.

What a beautiful day it was! Thanks for joining us and being such generous spirits with your time.  You were all terrific as always. The crowd loved you.

- Kirkland Arts Center, Production Manager – Matt Mielnick. August 24, 2013.

We enjoyed having Annie & the Hedonists at Champlain Valley – we are proudly and unabashedly workshop-heavy up here and they jumped on every assignment like zebra mussels attacking a swimmer’s bare foot – a rock-solid, entertaining festival act.

- Pete Sutherland, Artistic Director, Champlain Valley Folk Festival

What a great performance … by everyone! You have a great tight sounding group!! And, I must admit to being a fan of great female vocalists…. wooooowie! What a powerhouse – you are Annie! I loved, loved.. loved the show!  

- M. Cheri Bordelon, Owner/Chief Photographer, CreativeGUMBO Photography. July 24, 2013.

From the Mississippi Sheiks to Dave Van Ronk to Bob Dylan, Annie and The Hedonists gave a joyous musical history lesson to an enthusiastic Cooperstown Concert Series audience. The group had the crowd laughing, singing and clapping along during a show that many said was one of the most fun acts we’d ever presented. Annie and The Hedonists brought good times and warmth on a cold January night.

- Jeff Katz, Mayor of Cooperstown; treasurer and co-chair, Cooperstown Concert Series. January 12, 2013.

Best Traditional Folk, 2010:  Before Bob Dylan shook things up in the folk world with his celebrated originals, coffeehouse crooners sang previously owned ballads, blues, and labor songs. Led by chanteuse extraordinaire Annie Rosen, Annie and the Hedonists go back to those roots with skillfully arranged covers of timeless songs from many genres. No folk outfit around can match them.

- Glenn Weiser, Metroland, Albany, NY. 2010. Reviewing: Good Old Wagon

“I first saw Annie and the Hedonists in concert at Harmony House and enjoyed them so much that I bought one of their CDs that night.  So it was with some excitement and anticipation that I listened to their latest CD, Women be Wise … and I was not disappointed. This is music that makes… (Read more…)

- Dan Kuchta, Golden Link Folk Singing Society, Newsletter Editor, Golden LInk Folk Society, Rochester, NY. January 2013. Reviewing: Women be Wise

Annie & the Hedonists! What’s not to love! Annie’s vocals are as strong and as captivating as those of any singer in popular music. The instrumental work is all top-shelf, and their varied song  selections can’t be beat. Fans of folk, swing, jazz, blues, and old-time American standards will all find much to love in the music of Annie & the Hedonists. Highly recommended!

- Larry Hoyt, Common Threads, WAER FM, NPR Syracuse, NY Reviewing: Women Be Wise

Three men of a certain age in Hawaiian shirts and a woman in a purple dress peer out at you from the CD cover, their upright index fingers pressed to their lips enjoining silence. That’s a reference to the title track by Sippie Wallace, which warns against bragging up your lover’s boudoir prowess—it can invite… (Read more…)

- Glenn Weiser, Metroland, Albany. November 8, 2012. Reviewing: Women Be Wise

Women Be Wise by Annie and the Hedonists is the music for your next party. In fact, playing this CD may cause a party to break out spontaneously. It should come with its own caterer.

- Andy Senior, Radiola Vintage Jazz Podcast Reviewing: Women Be Wise

Annie and Jonny Rosen of Annie and the Hedonists met each other in Milwaukee almost 20 years ago. “When I saw Annie on the stage, I fell in love,” says Jonny. The way they worked with each other in our interview offers just a hint at the harmony you can expect from both their Saturday… (Read more…)

- Don Wilcock, The Record, Troy, New York. October 11, 2001. Reviewing: Side of the Road

Great singing, great musicianship, authentic and real. Most of all, a heck of a lot of fun! If this is hedonism, I’m in!

- Ellen Rocco, Station Manager, North Country Public Radio Reviewing: Women Be Wise

Annie & the Hedonists are a modern incarnation of the joyful, bohemian, and nostalgic spirit that Jim Kweskin, the Lovin’ Spoonful and Maria Muldaur re-energized decades ago. Annie Rosen’s sweetly gutsy voice ranges nimbly from belting out the blues to crooning vintage swing and Tin Pan Alley.

- Sing Out. Autumn 2008. Reviewing: Good Old Wagon

Annie and the Hedonists’ “Good Ole Wagon” (Windy Acres): Jazz, blues, country, folk, bluegrass … it’s all here. Annie Rosen’s versatile, vintage-tinged voice is the perfect match for the Hedonists’ ace musicianship.

- Albany Times Union, 2008, Greg Haymes, Times Union, Albany. July 17, 2008. Reviewing: Good Old Wagon