Annie and the Hedonists

acoustic blues, vintage jazz, & roots Americana


Participative = P

Performance = L

Don Young:

  • Ukulele styles Traditional  Hawaiian, swing, banjo ukulele, George Formby; P
  • Tiple as oozed by Afro-American artists in the 1930’s; P
  • Acoustic guitar rhythm styles (swing, bluegrass, gypsy jazz,etc…); P
  • Basses (electric or upright); P
  • Jazz tenor banjo and tenor guitar P

Peter Davis:

  • Chord Families.   Learn some simple secrets of how chords go together to make chord progressions. Common progressions in folk, ragtime, early jazz, country & pop are explicated and practiced in the session. P
  • Basic Improvisation. Discover how rhythm, melody and harmony play important parts in improvisation. For any instrument or voice.  For beginners and intermediate improvisers. P

Jonny Rosen:

  • Learning new tunes by ear. In this workshop, participants will work on figuring out a new tune by ear. The emphasis will be on identification of basic chord shapes and changes and applying that to figuring out songs. P
  • Guitar Accompaniment for the singer. Demonstration of different styles and elements of accompaniment in backing up a singer. L
  • Finger picking guitar styles P

The entire band or Annie & Jonny:

  • Gospel sing-along.  P
  • Double Entendre Songs P or L
  • Love Gone Right, Love Gone Wrong P or L
  • The Roots of Blues and Jazz. In this workshop we talk about some of leading proponents of blues and jazz and perform some of their songs. This includes song samples and information about great singers like Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Leadbelly. P or L
  • Great Female Blues & Jazz Artists of the 1920s – 40s. This workshop features information and song samples of great artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Memphis Minnie, Sippie Wallace, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. P or L
  • Songs of Hazel Dickens. Samples of Hazel’s songs and the stories behind them. P or L
  • Songs of Bob Dylan. Performers and attendees will swap Bob Dylan songs. P or L
  • Harmony Workshop: A review of the basic elements of harmony singing, with song samples and audience participation. P
  • Nothin’ but sing-a-longs. L